Diane J. Williams
Diane Williams co‑founded Dato Electric, Inc. in 1984 and has served as the company's president since its incorporation. She is responsible for all day‑to‑day operations of the company and personally handles the following management duties: payroll, accounts payable and receivable, quarterly reports, general ledger postings, hiring of personnel, banking and financial matters, purchasing equipment and material, and customer relations.

Prior to founding Dato Electric, Mrs. Williams worked as an administrative assistant for J. Henning Industries and Plumbing Repair Service, both located in Hialeah. At both companies she was responsible for accounts receivable and payable, quarterly reports, payroll, and collections. At J. Henning Industries, she also served as a mechanics helper.

Mrs. Williams is a graduate of Hialeah High School and has resided in South Florida since 1948. She is a member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Dade County, in addition to the Associated Builder's Contractors Institute and the Independent Electrical Contractor's, Inc.

David L. Brand
David L. Brand is Vice President of Dato Electric. He has 30 years of experience in the electrical industry and is our Dato Qualifying Agent as State of Florida Master Electrician, as well as Dato’s Chief Estimator for all projects that require pricing.

Prior to Dato Electric, Mr. Brand worked as a general foreman supervising many electrical power and security/video access control projects throughout Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties.

Mr. Brand holds a Florida State certified masters' license as well as a local Masters license in Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties. Currently he is a member of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association. He regularly attends seminars designed to keep contractors informed about changes in local and national electric codes and to learn about innovative developments in the electrical industry.

Ron Fille
Ron Fille is one of our most valuable Estimators at Dato Electric Inc. With over 11 years experience Mr. Fille has proven to be a reliable and successful estimator, an excellent office administrator and experienced and versatile project manager/engineer.

In the past 10 years, Mr. Fille has successfully estimated and managed to completion over $3 million worth of electrical construction projects.

Mr. Fille graduated from Southwest Miami Sr. High. He attended USA Training Academy. He also served in the United States Military for 3 years and was certified as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. He attended Southwest Miami Sr. High for an Electrical Eduaction Adult course. He holds a Dade County Electrical License and has been a certified Electrical Journeyman for 7 years.

Hector Rodriquez
Hector Rodriquez is a project supervisor for DATO Electric and DATO Enterprises (communication division). He primarily handles Broward County’s Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport projects.

Hector has managed projects for DATO Electric since 1997. The projects include comprehensive lightning protection and power modifications for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), complete systems installations at Miami-Dade International Airport and Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport including many airprot tenant requests for modifiacations or additions.

Mr. Rodriquez is a current certified Master Electrician and maintains excellent client-contractor relationships. He has been a great asset to the company.

 Licensed Journeymen/ Masters Employed By Dato Electric, Inc.

Dato Electric, Inc. places a high emphasis on the quality and experience of our employees. The normal industry standard for Journeymen to non-licensed employees is 1 to 3, our staff strives to maintain a higher Licensed Journeymen and/or Master Electricians ratio.


David L. Brand Master Electrician EC 0002134 – FL 25781-U - N
State of Florida-Qualifying Agent
State of North Carolina – Qualifying Agent
Hector Rodriquez Master Electrician Miami-Dade County
Thomas Williams Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Ron Fille Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Lutchman Sookdeo Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Jaime Garcia Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Jose Rodriquez Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Ricardo Fernandez Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Jorge Leyva Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Jose Rosa Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Stephen Williams Journeyman Miami-Dade County
Ernesto Brito Electrician Miami-Dade County
Telecommunication Technicians Employed by Dato Enterprises


Panduit Certified
Dato Electric, Inc. has completed a PCI Program
requirement of Structured Cabling (PSC10) training
covering the PANDUIT PAN-NET Network Cabling
System. Our company is authorized to participate in
the Certification Plus System Warranty Program.
Molex & Siemens Certified
Dato Electric, Inc. has completed Premise Network
Cabling System Programs. Our company is
authorized to participate in their Warranty